Womens Revolutionise Registration

All players MUST register with Hockey Queensland. 

Link to Hockey Queensland Registration.

If you have previously registered with Hockey Queensland in a previous session choose "renew"


No player may take the field if the Hockey Queensland registration has not been completed. All players MUST register with Hockey Queensland. The following table provides a list of registration fees for Hockey Queensland / Hockey Australia for 2022:



Payment Class


Senior (aged over 19)


Student Player Levy (ages 19-24)


Junior Player Levy (ages 9-18)


Social Hockey (Senior Grass Only)


Senior Casual (10 games)


The Hockey Queensland fee includes the insurance levy for 2022, so it is essential that the HQ registration is completed and the fee paid prior to playing.


If you have any issues or questions regarding registrations, please contact nswhc@live.com

Compulsory Hockey Qld Registration: Hockey QLD Registration