General Information Girls

What Age Group Will I Play In?

Age GroupAge as of Jan
Year Born
(2021 Comp)
Under 7Over 4 but under 7 years2014 - 2016Grass, 1/4 field
Under 9Over 8 but under 9 years2012 - 2013Grass, 1/2 field
Under 11Over 9 but under 11 years2010 - 2011Grass, full field
Under 13Over 11 but under 13 years2008 - 2009Grass or turf, full field
JuniorsOver 13 but under 17 years2003* - 2007Grass or turf, full field

nb. New players will need to provide proof of age, as the Club is required to provide a copy of the players birth certificate or passports to BWHA. Please bring to the Club, or scan and email a copy of age ID (birth certificate or passport) to

*Girls born in 2003 must be at school in 2021 to be eligible.

When and Where Will I Play My Game?

DivisionCompetition DayVenue/s
U7 and U9Saturday morningsRasey Park, Herston
U11 and U13 GrassU11A 8.00 am
U11B 11.00 am
U11C 9.30 am
U11D 8.00 am
U13A 9.30 am
Downey Park, Windsor, or
Rasey Park, Herston
U13 TurfU13T1 Friday
U13T2 Saturday
mornings (plus one
game a month on
Saturday morning)
State Hockey Centre, Colmslie
Burringbar Park Turf, Chermside
Redcliffe League Hockey Turf, Redcliffe
Easts Hockey Tiger Turf, Carina
J Grass (JG)JG1 8.00 am
JG2 11.00 am
Downey Park, Windsor, or
Rasey Park, Herston
J Turf (JT)JT2 and JT3
Friday evening
State Hockey Centre, Colmslie
Burringbar Turf, Chermside
Redcliffe League Hockey Turf, Redcliffe
Easts Tiger Turf, Carina
University of Queensland Turf, St Lucia

Exact locations for these venues and maps of the fields can be found at the BWHA website. 

When Will I Train?

DivisionDay & LocationNotes
U7, U9, U11
U13 Grass, JG
Dorrington Park, Ashgrove
Wednesdays from 5:00 pm
U7, U9 and U11B, U11C and U11 D - 5-6 pm (Starting 10th March)
U11 A, U13 Grass and Junior Grass - 6-7 pm (Starting 10th March)
Members will be notified of training times via email once teams are confirmed

TurfDorrington Park Ashgrove and 
Burringbar, Chermside
Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday
Times for turf teams is still being confirmed and will be provided.
Turf teams will train twice a week, once at Burringbar and once at Dorrington
Members will be notified of training times via email once teams are confirmed
U13T1 - Tuesday - Burringbar - 6-7PM - Effective 9/02/2021
U13T1- Wednesdays - Dorrington - 6-7PM - Effective 17/02/2021
U13T2- Wednesdays - Dorrington - 5-6PM 
- Effective 17/02/2021
JT - Mondays - Burringbar - 5 - 7PM (March switches to 5-6:30PM) - 
- Effective 15/02/2021

What Will I Wear When I Play My Games?

The colours worn by all Norths players are sky blue, red and black.  The junior girls are required by BWHA to wear black skirts.  Uniforms will be available at training before the season starts, as well as during the season as needed. The Uniform Co-ordinator will be available on training nights to assist you with any uniform needs.

Norths Shirt$35
Norths Socks$15Free pair for new players to the club
Available at Online store
Black Skirts$35For grass teams
Black Skorts$40Mandatory for ALL turf teams
Kukri brand with bike pant inserts

What Equipment Do I Need To Play Hockey?

  • You will need a hockey stick, mouthguard (recommended) and shin pad (compulsory)
  • Purchase a Norths Uniform

If you require a fitted mouthguard, a Dental Technician will be at the clubhouse on Sign-On Day between 10am and 2pm for fittings.

How Much Will It Costs For Me To Play Hockey?

Fee are comprised of two parts:

  • NSJWCH Fees
  • Hockey Queensland association fees - please pay via link to Hockey Queensland

Hockey Queensland Fees - To Be Confirmed for 2021

  • Under 10's (4 - 9 years at 31st December 2021) - $30
  • Juniors (10 - 17 years at 31st December 2021) - $70

Proposed NSJWHC Fees 2020

Age GroupFeeAge Group (over 13)Fee
Under 7$200Junior Grass$300
Under 9$250Junior Turf$650
Under 11$300Junior + Senior Grass$350
Under 13 Grass$300Junior + Senior Turf$700
Under 13 Turf$650"Sister" discount-$50

The fees will vary between age groups, and whether or not you are playing grass or turf. Your total fee is made up of:

  • BWHA membership
  • Norths Inc Club membership
  • Junior Women's Club levy - this covers the cost incurred by the club, for example training equipment, goalie gear, umpiring and administration costs
  • Turf match and training fees (only for U13T and J Turf)
  • The "Sister" discount applies to families of 3 or more registered girls, where the 3rd or more girl will each receive$50 off their fees

You must register onto the Hockey Australia database separately. 
Details on this process to be confirmed by Hockey Australia in 2020.

What Can We Do To Help?

Hockey is a great spectator's sport, so there will be many opportunities for them to support you on the sideline. However, there are many other opportunities to help out in the club as well. This include:

  • Canteen Co-ordinator
  • Uniform Co-ordinator
  • Coaching or Assistant Coaching role*
  • Team manager
  • Age Group Coordinator
  • Volunteering at the canteen/BBQ/bar on Wednesday night
  • Co-ordinating Fundraising activity
  • Baking for annual cake stall
  • NSJWHC Committee member

Indicate your interest at Sign-on day or drop an email to the NSJWHC Committee. The club is run by volunteers, and it really is a case of many hands make light work.

*Coaches, who are not parents of a child in the team, are eligible for a contribution by NSJWHC towards either their playing fees, up to $300 per annum, if they play for Norths Senior Womens or Senior Mens teams or travel costs up to $300 per annum, if they are not players.

Blue Card Application for Team Officials

To ensure the safety of our children, it is now a requirement that all team officials have a Blue Card.

Please download the application form via the link provided then either scan and email to or drop your form off in the 'Blue Card Application' box situated on the Bar at the Club House.

Blue Card Application