Boys Hockey - News and Updates

Mid Season Information

We hope that your child is enjoying the season, taking the opportunities to improve as a player and staying safe and well.  As we near the halfway point of the season we take the opportunity to share some information with you and request some feedback on a couple of initiatives we are considering.

1.       Mid-Season Coaches Review – our very generous coaches braved the cold and participated in a mid-season review.  We are so fortunate to have such great and caring volunteer coaches in these critical roles.  Some of the key points that were discussed include:

a.       Values – we are a family club and the priorities remain ensuring that our players have fun, are given developmental opportunities and are cared for as players and people;

b.       Style of Play – coaches are focused on our teams keeping possession of the ball and controlling the game.  This translates into different messages for different age groups.  At the more junior ages we are focused on players developing the core skills, playing in positions and “looking up” before passing.  As the players get older we concentrate on ensuring that core skills of passing and trapping become second nature to ensure we have the patience to hold onto the ball and pass to players in better positions while staying clear of defenders;

c.       Academy Sessions – a huge thanks to Paul Tucker who runs these sessions and to Wayne Tucker and the Norths Old Boys who fund them.  They are very important for individual skill level and we encourage all players to make the most of these opportunities;

d.       Training – it is the responsibility of parents to ensure their child regularly attends training or informs coaches and managers where this is not possible.


2.        Communications – all parents and players are encouraged to join the Norths Boys and Mens Facebook page and to share photos and game updates from each of the teams.  This helps develop our Eagles Community.  Here is the link:


3.       Term 4 Competition on the Nest – we are looking at running a 6 week term 4 mixed boys, girls and parents competition on the Nest which will be Fast Fives for the older players and Super Sixes for younger players.  We will mix up teams and rules to ensure teams are evenly matched with the focus being on fun and recruitment of new players to our club.  Games will be on a Wednesday afternoon and night.  Cost will be $30 per player which includes a sausage sizzle with each game.  It will be free to new players and those who introduce new boys to our club.  We must keep recruiting boys especially those who are 11 and under.  Shortly we will ask you to register your interest with this new competition so we can start preparations.  All our players are encouraged to also play indoor hockey for Norths in the “off-season”.


4.       2023 European trip – we are very fortunate to have the opportunity of sending a turf team(s) to play hockey in Europe in December 2023.  The team(s) will be based in Germany for the 2 weeks near the border of Belgium and the Netherlands and it is envisioned that they will play games each day against clubs in the 3 countries with plenty of sightseeing opportunities.  We hope to send a boys and a girls team or a mixed team (for children who are currently playing J or under 13).  Shortly we will ask you to register your interest in your child going on this tour and whether there are any parents who can assist with organising the trip, fundraising and / or managing the players on the trip.  It could be an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity for players and families.


5.       10 September Trophy Day – our boys and girls will be holding their trophy day together commencing at 4.00pm on 10 September with our men’s teams holding their trophy day at the same venue that night.  We plan on having a band, food vans, the bar being open and play areas for the kids to run around with their mates (and have an opportunity to meet some of the girls!)  Trophy day is a great family occasion and we encourage you to block out your diaries in advance.


6.       Volunteers Needed – we are all volunteers.  If you have not done so already please volunteer your time including with the canteen, BBQ, setting up goal posts at home games, fundraising etc.  This is your club and it takes many volunteers helping out to ensure our players get the opportunities that we provide.  A particularly big thank you to Ange Harrison who has organised the canteen roster for the boys’ Thursday nights and home games.  Tomorrow is the last home game of the season and we need canteen and goals post mover helpers.  We are also very grateful to our groundsman (Daisy) and his tractor (Jonesy) who as volunteers are entirely unpaid and work tirelessly on our fields each week.


Key Dates and Times


Online registrations


The Draw

Regularly published and updated on

Boys Academy (Nest):

Managers will let you know which Academy Session your eagle is enrolled in.





1pm-2pm Sun 12 June (junior goal keeper session)

11am-12pm Sun 19 June (J1 and J2)

12pm-1pm Sun 19 June (J3)

5pm-6pm Mon 11 July (J3)

6pm-7pm Mon 11 July (J1 and J2)

5 - 7pm Fri 15 July (goal keeper session for J keepers)

11am-12pm Sun 17 July (u11 plus u9 who play up)

12pm-1pm Sun 17 July (u13)

Under 7, 9 and 11 Training (Dorrington on Grass)

6pm-7pm Thursday 

Under 13 Training

5-6pm Tuesday Burringbar 

5.30pm-6.30pm Thursday Nest 

J1 Training

J2 Training

J3 Training

6m-7pm Tuesday Burringbar + Div training with Men

6-7pm Tues (Burringbar); 6.30-7.30pm Thurs ( Nest)

5-6pm Tues (Burringbar); 6.30-7.30pm Thurs ( Nest)

Brisbane Trials – under 11


8am to 11 am Sunday 29 May

8am to 11 am Sunday 5 June

8am to 11 am Sunday 12 June

Brisbane Trials – under 13


Brisbane Trials – under 15

9am to 11am Sunday 17 July

9am to 11am Sunday 24 July

Brisbane Trials – under 18


Season Commences –


Draw is found on

J1 – Friday 11 March


J2, J3 and under 13 – Saturday 26 March


Under 7, 9 and 11 – Saturday 23 April


Last round games – Saturday 27 August


Under 7 – 9.30am Saturdays

Under 9 – 8.30am Saturdays

Under 11 Team Mick - 11.35am Saturdays

Under 11 Team Steve - 10.30am and 11.35am Saturdays

Under 13 – 8am and 9.15am Saturdays

J2 and J3 – Saturday mornings

J1 – Friday nights

Anzac Day Round (1st Division men and women games followed by function at Dorrington)


Under 7 and 9 Carnival


Trophy Presentations

4.00pm 10 September 2022


To help us with the Covid challenge please do not train, or attend any games if you or your children: 

. have COVID-19 symptoms - Get Tested 
. have returned a positive PCR or RAT for COVID; or 
. have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person. 
Inform the coach or manager if any of the above applies to you or your children ASAP 

Follow the health advice: 

Stay home if unwell 
Practice good hygiene 
Wash your hands prior to coming to training 
Use Hand sanitiser and again when leaving 
Adults must Check-in upon arrival at the club 
Wear a face mask in all indoor areas 
Maintain physical distancing as much as possible 
Bring your own water bottle with name on it 
Leave the ground immediately on the completion of training or game day